Damatol Medicated Original Formula Hair Scalp & Skin Treatment (250ml)

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Hair, scalp and skin treatment Promotes Hair growth, prevent damage to scalp. Good for Dandruff, Ezcema, Barbing infection,Ringworm, Hair Loss, Balding, Pimples and Rashes.
DAMATOL medicated is a special antiseptic formulated  to promotes hair growth, prevent hair damages, scalp infections such as hair dandruff, ringworm, scalp itching, eczema, barbing infection, pimples, rashes, bumps and severe after shave. 
Stop Your Scalp And Bumps From Snowing.
Try a permanent revolutionary treatment for Bumps, Scalps and Dandruff! 
Natural Treatments for Scalps Bumps and Dandruff Itchy flaky scalp Sulfuric shampoos make your hair smell of rotten eggs.
You are always scratching your head
You avoid dark clothing to avoid the dandruff looking like snow.
You vacuum constantly because your scalp is constantly flaking
You have ordered herbal remedies that haven't worked.
You feel depressed about your looks because of the Bumps and it is lowering your self esteem
You have bought all sorts of treatments that do not work.
Cure Bumps The Natural Way--and you will soon have a healthy and normal hair and scalp again!
And best of all - your Bumps will be gone forever!
Imported from Nigeria