Aboniki Balm (25g)

$ 5.99 USD

Aboniki Balm 25g for Pain Relief, Sore Muscles, Anti-inflammatory, Relieves Pains, Muscles, Waist and Backache.

  • Relief from backache
  • Number 1 pain remedy
  • Size : 25g
  • relief of sprain

Number 1 pain remedy - Pain reliever and a powerful muscle pain killer : back pain, waiste pain, shoulder pain etc, and anti-inflammatory Use against Cold, Congested nostrils, bronchial catarrh and sore throats. Can be inhaled using steam. It can also be used as an insect repellant such as mosquito. If you are going camping out in nature, or traveling to tropical areas, this will help. Aboniki Balm has been around for over 35 years as a recognizable and reliable household name. Active ingredients: Menthol 6.10%(Perppement) , Eucalyplus 2.30% (historically used for Common Cold, Bronchitis, Catarhh), Methy sal 4.25%, Camphor 5.04% Ointment Based to 100.